Tower Hamlets’ Idea Stores are more than just a library or a place for education – they are an innovative way of merging knowledge and life long learning.

In keeping with the innovative thinking behind the concept they require their course guide to be conceptually creative and stand out from the run of the mill. We are pleased to say that for the past 4 years they have commissioned us to work with them to achieve this.

This year we have taken an illustrative route to visualise the theme of ‘Lift off with Learning’ with a visually striking design.


tower-hamlets-idea-store-course-guide-cover-14-15 tower-hamlets-idea-store-course-guide-spread1-14-15 tower-hamlets-idea-store-course-guide-spread2-14-15 tower-hamlets-idea-store-course-guide-spread3-14-15 tower-hamlets-idea-store-course-guide-spread4-14-15

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