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  • VAT rules for printing
    Advice and Tips
    You may be surprised to know that there are numerous printed items of which VAT is not applied (zero rated). We work with a number of charities, organisations and sole traders who are unable to claim back VAT on purchases...
  • fold-types-thumbnail
    Folding formats
    Advice and Tips
    There are a number of different ways to fold paper that create interesting formats and get your information noticed. Some are quite complex and carry the same amount of content as a small brochure. In the past these complex folds were...
  • pdf-form-thumbnail
    Data grabbing documents
    Advice and Tips
    By now most of you will have found out how great Adobe Acrobat is for reviewing your proof files in the cross platform pdf format. An extensive range of commenting tools makes it very easy to indicate clearly and...
  • markup-proof-thumbnail
    Marking up our proof file with your changes
    Advice and Tips
    With the free Adobe Acrobat reader (that you can download here) you’ll have all the tools you need to markup any changes on the pdf file proofs we send to you. This is very simple to do and much quicker and accurate than...
  • supply-content-thumbnail
    Supplying content
    Advice and Tips
    How you supply text, imagery and data to us can effect the production time enormously and if not done correctly, can increase the cost of your project. We have listed a few guidelines below which will ensure your project is completed in a timely fashion and...
  • design-and-print-process-featured
    Design and Print Process
    Advice and Tips
    This guide will take you step by step through the various stages of the design and print process and outline both of our roles and responsibilities in order to achieve your goals. It also contains some things you should...
  • binding-thumbnail
    Binding Options
    Advice and Tips
    Depending on the number of pages in your document, there can be several options available to you for binding it together. We have illustrated the most common types below along with an approximate page number range suitable for the type of binding. Some...
  • lorem ipsum-thumbnail
    Lorem Ipsum what?
    Advice and Tips
    You may have already or possibly will do in the near future, receive a proof from us which contains text that appears to be in a foreign language. This is dummy text referred to as Lorem Ipsum which designers use as a...
  • picture-usage-thumbnail
    Know your image copyright
    Advice and Tips
    The first place that many people go to when looking for images, be it photographs or illustrations is Google. This is a great resource for reference purposes or if you’re gathering inspiration but do not use them in any of...
  • papersize-thumbnail
    Paper sizes
    Advice and Tips
    The industry standard for paper sizes in the UK and most of the world is called the A series. Of the developed countries only North America, Canada and parts of Mexico have chosen not to adopt this standard. The smallest size in the scale is...