To celebrate the Olympic games coming to London again Tower Bridge Exhibition wanted to put on an exhibition in the West walkway to pay tribute the various cities that have held the games and highlight a few key stand-out moments.

We were very please to win the tender to design and produce the 30 panels which are on show from 2nd May to the end of the year. The images are from a mixture of royalty free and rights managed sources with the majority of the historic ones coming from Getty Images. The main focus of each panel was the host city and the brief also asked for a vibrancy of colour to reflect the rings and the dynamic energy of the competition to be brought into the design. We also arranged the content to be translated into 5 languages and incorporated them into the layout.


tower bridge-games-panel-title tower bridge-games-panel-1896 tower bridge-games-panel-1908 tower bridge-games-panel-1924 tower bridge-games-panel-1968 tower bridge-games-panel-1988 tower bridge-games-panel-2000 tower bridge-games-panel-2008

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