The industry standard for paper sizes in the UK and most of the world is called the A series. Of the developed countries only North America, Canada and parts of Mexico have chosen not to adopt this standard.

The smallest size in the scale is referred to as A10 with the largest being 4A0. You’ll notice from the diagram below that the next size up is two of the current size placed together along the long edge. This makes it easier to remember the actual measurements too, as each size will contain one of the dimensions of the next size up or down. The majority of projects we work on would fall within the range of A6 for items like postcards to A1 for posters and folders.


Items that don’t conform to these standards.

Business cards

Prior to the introduction of the credit card to the UK in 1966, business cards were produced in a variety of sizes. Since then the 85mm x 55mm dimension of the credit card has become the unofficial standard for business cards, especially as all wallets and purses are now produced to accommodate this size.

Compliment slips

Often produced in A6, the compliment slip is more commonly printed to the DL (Dimension Lengthwise) size. The DL size was originally defined for envelopes to hold an A4 letterhead folded into three equal panels. The DL sheet size is 99mm x 210mm.


You only have to browse the shelves of your local newsagent to realise the variety of sizes that newspaper are produce in, with the most common being broadsheet and tabloid. Broadsheet is 600 x 750 mm and Tabloid is 280 x 430 mm.

Large format posters


The posters you see at bus stops and freestanding doubled sided displays along the roadside are referred to as 6 sheet or Superlite. Here are the sizes for the major suppliers.

Supplier Size Safe Area
More O’Ferrall / Adshel 1800mm x 1200mm 1760mm x 1160mm
Decaux 1750mm x 1185mm 1710mm x 1160mm
Viacom 1800mm x 1200mm 1755mm x 1160mm
Primesites 1800mm x 1200mm 1720mm x 1160mm


4 Sheet Poster  1524mm x 1016mm

Very common outdoor poster format also used on the London Underground


12 Sheet Poster  1524mm x 3048mm

3 x 4 sheet sections

16 sheet

16 Sheet Poster  3048mm x 2032mm

4 x 4 sheet sections

32 sheet

32 Sheet Poster  3048mm x 4064mm

8 x 4 sheet sections

48 sheet

48 Sheet Poster  3048mm x 6096mm

12 x 4 sheet sections

96 sheet

96 Sheet Poster  3048mmx 12192mm

24 x 4 sheet sections

Double check the sizes with your supplier as they are subject to change.

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