With the free Adobe Acrobat reader (that you can download here) you’ll have all the tools you need to markup any changes on the pdf file proofs we send to you.

This is very simple to do and much quicker and accurate than describing your amendments in a Word file or writing them on a print out. These instructions are for version XI of Acrobat but other versions will be similar.

If you haven’t done so already you will need to enter your details so your amendments can be identified as being made by you. To do this go to preferences, select identity and complete the fields.

When you open a pdf proof file from us the first thing you need to do is make sure the annotation tools are available. If you don’t see them go to ‘View’ in the menu, ‘Comment’ and then ‘Annotations’. You should now see a set of tools which look something like this.


Letting your colleagues make amendments

If your colleagues need to review the file you can either just forward on the email we sent to you or make your amendments using the techniques listed below, save a copy for your records and then use the email button at the top of the page. This will automatically open a new message window in your default email program with the file attached.

Upon receiving your email your colleagues can view your comments – if you sent them your amended version – and add their own comments. They can then use the email button at the top of the page to send the file back to you. Again, its advisable they save a copy for their records.

If you are asking for comments from a number of people it will be easier to ask for their feedback first, this way you can merge them and make sure all comments make sense and do not conflict with each other at the same time as adding yours.

To merge the comments from your colleagues, first open the original file emailed to you from us in Acrobat. Now open each of the files from your colleagues (including your amended version). Each time you do this a dialog box will appear asking if you would like to merge the comments with the master pdf, click OK to accept. When all of your colleagues comments have been merged, save a copy making a note in the file name that it’s a merged file and the date.


Making your changes

The majority of amendments you’ll need to make can be indicated using just three tools: the ‘Insert text at cursor’, ‘Add note to replace text’ and the ‘Strikethrough’ tools (the bottom left three in the annotations tools box). For other comments like asking for elements to be moved, you can use the Sticky Note tool.

Insert Text
To indicate where additional text should be inserted, click using the ‘Insert text at cursor’ tool where you want to insert text and then begin typing. An insertion mark appears and the text is added to a pop-up note.
Delete Text
To indicate where text should be deleted, select the text using the ‘Strikethrough’ tool and press Backspace or Delete. The text is marked with a cross-out to indicate that it should be deleted.
Replace Text
To indicate where text should be replaced, make your selection using the ‘Add note to replace text’ tool and begin typing. The selected text is marked with a crossout, an insertion mark appears and the replacement text is added to a pop-up note.

If you have more than five changes to make to one paragraph it will be quicker if you make the amends in your working file and then supply us with the whole paragraph to replace.
once you are  happy the document is correct you can approve it by going to the stamp tool and clicking on the approved button that appears in the submenu and placing it on the document.
PDF Approval


Sending your comments back to us

If you haven’t done so already, save a copy of the file containing your amendments (and your colleagues) making a note its annotated in the file name with the date. Click on the ‘Send Comments’ button in the yellow notification bar at the top. This will open a dialog box in your email program, input the email address of the designer who sent the original file to you and click send.
Send Comments

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