This guide will take you step by step through the various stages of the design and print process and outline both of our roles and responsibilities in order to achieve your goals. It also contains some things you should know to ensure everything runs as smoothly as possible, on time and without incurring any extra charges.


The Process

The process begins with you submitting a brief detailing your requirements to us. If you don’t know where to start just download our free briefing template which will prompt you for all the answers we need to get started with working a quote. We’ll check your brief and if necessary contact you to clarify or make suggestions to either enhance or make the project more cost effective.
Once the brief has been approved we would then require you to supply the text (a full draft is fine) along with all the imagery you have including logos which you would like to appear in the project. Please read our story on Supplying Content to us and about image copyright. This allows us to check the files to ensure they are of a suitable resolution and advise accordingly. Should you need help creating content for your project just let us know. We can assist you with copywriting, photography, illustration and translation.
Next, you will receive a detailed quote from us by email with a breakdown of all the costs and a provisional schedule. Quite often we are asked for optional prices for things like laminating the cover or different print quantities, which you may not end up ordering. It’s for this reason that our quotes are broken down and we ask you to add up the elements you require to calculate the total cost. Don’t worry, it’s not as complicated as a utility bill. If your company operates a purchase ordering system we would require your official order prior to work commencing. If your company doesn’t use purchase orders, you can simply send us an email confirming this and that you are happy for us to proceed as quoted. Please list the parts you require if more elements were quoted.
Now that we have received your purchase order or confirmation email we will make a start and the creativity can begin. You should also supply the final cleared text to us now.
When we send you a proof it will arrive by email and be a pdf file with a range of tools activated so you can indicate where and how you would like changes to be made. You’ll need the free Adobe Acrobat reader to view this file. If you don’t already have it you can download it from the Adobe website. It’s really easy to mark-up your amendments as you only need to use a few of the tools, read our quick guide.
You will notice our proof files will have numbered labels like [V1] or [V2]. These indicate which number proof you are viewing.  There are two opportunities for you to make amendments built into our quotes, therefore sign off should be achieved at [V3]. If the number of amendments go past this stage there may be additional charges. We will advise beforehand. Once you approve the design we’ll send you a final file for your reference without the tools activated. This will be optimised for you to upload to your website should you wish.

What is an amendment?
Amendments can be made to the text and imagery. Should more than 20% of the text on a page be changed or the requested amendments cause the text to flow over to the next page it will be considered as adjusting the layout and additional costs will be incurred. You will be advised how much these costs are and we will require you to confirm acceptance via email prior to the amendments being carried out.

We will now prepare the files ready for printing as per the specifications of our quote. We can arrange for paper samples to be posted out to you but this can take a several days so please advise us well before the project is due to be printed. Once the project has been printed they will be delivered or distributed as requested.

In the unlikely event that there is a problem with the final printed item, you MUST inform us within 48hrs.

There are projects like website development and digital presentations where the process will vary slightly, mainly in the method of proofing.  You will be advised at the time.

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